Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Chocolate story

I remember when I was little among all the junk food that a kid usually likes, I liked "kit kat" the most. I had a little beautiful box which was from my sister's childhood. I would put some nuts and on top of them a bunch of kit kat bars and I thought of them as a precious storage and would carry them to my father's garden in weekends. During the war time, it was not possible to find the kit kat anymore. After a while, a factory called "Minoo" started to make a chocolate bar named "Tak Tak" as a replacement of kit kat . I liked that too but not as much as the kit kat and gradually I forgot the taste of it and became loyal to Tak Tak for many years after. I'm not really the fan of sweet flavors but these brown charming finger bars always stayed as my exceptional favorite.
I don't remember from when I felt no more interest in Tak Tak or even Kit Kat- which has been available every where recent years in Iran by the way. I discovered another kind of chocolate maybe 4 years ago and since then I've just worshiped : Lindt DARK chocolate. When we lived in Iran every time that we went abroad, these golden bars were among the stuff we brought home. Every time Mr.Behi went out of Iran alone, he used to buy a bunch of them. As soon as seeing these golden bars coming out from his suitcase, my eyes were shining and my day was there to be made and my body was to receive the whole of them over a short period of time...
In fact, we knew some shops in Tehran that had all the different swiss chocolates including this thing that I loved but they were ridiculously overpriced... Well, when we were in Tehran, every time that we wanted to party we would go to one specific restaurant called "Honey" and my husband just admired its "chicken kebab" and another party would be going to an ice cream store called again "Honey" for having an ice cream with the chocolate or caffeine flavor which I really liked. Going to these "Honeys" which were not related to each other-by the way- for us was like having a big celebration in honor of an ordinary day during a week.
Any way, now here in Tripoli, many supermarkets have this kind of chocolate with its real price somehow. But to tell the truth, after finding some pimples on my forehead- which was a thing that I didn't see even during my teenage years except on my nose!- I figured out this is the time to admire less this charming dark brown thing :).
Now I buy and eat it much more slowly but I'll always remember it as a beautiful thing which is better to be overpriced... May its soul rest in peace ;).


Don Cox said...

I have just read a very good novel by Nigel Balchin called "Fall of a Sparrow". Published in 1948, it is the life of a little man who ends up in jail. I think you would find it worth reading - or any others by the same author. He was an industrial psychologist as well as a writer.______What has this to do with chocolate? Well, he worked for Rowntree at York, and he invented (in the 1930s) the name of the Kit Kat bar. Which we still eat millions of every week in Britain.

BEHI said...

Interesting!... Thanks don cox :).

Hiva said...

Tak Tak was my faviorite too, and like you I am not that fan anymore. the things that I still have the same eager for, is "winter icecream" (bastani zemestuni? you remeber that? Yummy :)))

BEHI said...

Yeeeeees, I can still vividly remember its taste and look...I liked its chocolate cream very much :D.

human being said...

Reading your post, something terrible happened! Now I'm dying for a pack of kit kat!
Aha! I'm going to call him to buy one on his way home! Another celeberation!
Have a wonderful day!