Monday, 8 October 2007


I remember some years ago when I was the only child who lived with my parents. The time when others had already left home for their studies and then got married. One of the times that I felt happy was when all the members of my family gathered in my parents' house. Then, in an instant I would start to check them one by one. After looking at every body, I would say to myself quietly: " Now, we are all together" and I had a definite sense of happiness. The feeling was so internal and rich. I liked to do that not because it was hard to make sure they were there before counting as they were not many neither because I didn't know if they were all there, which I knew they were... Actually, I didn't know the reason of that counting exactly but I know I haven't done that for... I don't know how long. I haven't had thought of this till now. And now the memory has just come back to me. It's like a sudden flash that has come from where?... I don't know.

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human being said...

Wish all of you can get together so soon.