Thursday, 11 October 2007

Tehran & Tripoli- Part II

The rest of this topic is more about subjects that Tehran and Tripoli are somehow similar in... I should emphasis one more time that these are just MY personal observations. I mention to these two cities only because they both are symbols and the capitals of these two countries :

1- In Tehran and in general in Iran many Iranians have a friendly and warm attitude towards foreigners especially towards the western people who travel to Iran. In Tripoli, we've experienced the same and most of the people are quite warm.

2- In Tehran- and usually in the majority cities in Iran- driving is dangerous and people need to be so alert and careful while driving in roads or streets. In Tripoli, this is absolutely the same. But, apart from much lighter traffic jam in here -which is a bonus for us- driving seems more dangerous... Well, I think it's better to say: The type of danger may seem new or different to us and we need more time to get used to it.

3- In Tehran, nights are alive, people go to cinemas, restaurants and shopping even after 8 p.m. In Tripoli, this is the same except that the nights stay alive longer and these days which are the days of Ramadan, streets don't sleep till around sunrise.

4-Ramadan is apparently a good excuse for some people to focus less on work. People are more nervous and can be easily provoked in both countries.

5- In Tehran, younger generations have less interest to religion. In Tripoli- younger generations seem have even more interest than their parents to religion.

6- In Iran and Libya copyright is completely dead! Actually it was never alive in any of them.

7- In Tehran, people criticize things around them more frequently than people from Tripoli.

8-In Tripoli, In response of questions that start with interrogatives like "When" you mostly hear "inshallah" which means "if God wills". And it practically means, some time in the coming day, coming week,coming month or coming year-no certain answer or time you will receive for sure- In Tehran, it's also so common to hear this phrase- it's quite famous in Iran as well. But here in Tripoli, this expression is widely used, they ACTUALLY see it as a specific time and they really mean it.
I will write more when I find out more...


Frieda said...

" In Tehran, younger generations have less interest to religion. In Tripoli- younger generations seem have even more interest than their parents to religion."

hmmm, I surprised about the younger generation in Tripoli.

I love reading about your observations..

human being said...

Well put, dear friend .I enjoyed reading this comparison and contrast. It was as interesting as the 1st part. Just I'm asking for some elaboration on no.5. See the previous commentator wishes for the same thing!
Have you found the reasons why? Waiting impatiently to hear your side of the story?
Have a nice time!

BEHI said...

Dear human being! :), the first thing which is different from Iran is that the governments in Libya are not religious like Iran. I mean, there is no Islamic propagandist in here. The face of the the country itself presents that: people are Muslims. For instant, even though there is no official rule for applying Hijab but most of the Libyan women do that and well, there are women who don't wear scarves at the same time. Dress code is not imposed on people's personal lives in here so there is no resistance like we see in Iran. So, I think people feel that they have freewill and are respected as a human in this regard, although it doesn't mean that Libya is a free democratic country, they have their own restrictions but not in the religious part. To be honest, I don't feel that there is a strong rich religious ideology behind many of people's beliefs in Tripoli but at least they seem happy with them... Looooong comment :D

human being said...

Now i'm satistied! Good observations as usual, and convincing analysis.Thank you so much. You are absolutely right: force makes everything worse.

Write more, dearest behi.
Have a nice day!