Monday, 15 October 2007


During my study at university, Organic and Quantum Chemistry were the top two of the whole courses that I truly liked. At the time, I thanked God for having to study Pure and not Applied chemistry because of its superb materials. As I hadn't started basic courses in a good state in the first year of my study, I could feel the shadow and the pressure of consequences of that bad start on my shoulders for the remaining years. Although it could not prevent me to enjoy some of those beautiful topics in the last couple of years of my study.

Anyways, Organic Chemistry always amazed me the most...I tried to analyze chemical reactions between two molecules and then their characterizations as parts of a compound and also each molecule's elements individually, then the fact that how much they could define the fate of those interactions. I always felt that they all had spirits as if they were humans with all the factors that could interpret a person's behaviors which were built on her/his own specifications and also the environment that s/he lived in.
I know it's the universal rule that leads many facts and living things in life to walk and act in similar ways, but it was just amusing to me. Sometimes, while studying I felt some sympathy for some of those molecules :)...It was like studying sociology in a different level... I will put some real examples in this regard later.


Frieda said...

"I always felt that they all had spirits "

I believe that they do. how else one can justify that human beings, in the core, are divine creatures.

and you are so cute when you wrote," felt some sympathy for some of those molecules " lolo

human being said...

This is exactly that macro/microcosmic view i love to apply to all the phenomena in the world. Happy you are seeing the world the same way.
Thanks for being there.