Thursday, 18 October 2007

Opposing Feelings

For I don't know how many times I did not a very good job at some thing while I was thinking of it as my strongest point.

My IELTS result is here. My overall band score is 6.5- I really preferred the score of 7.
My writing with the result of 6 just pulled down my whole mark. Have I been this bad at writing all this time and I didn't even realize that!... It turned out to be my weakest point.
The other two parts were even and fine.Well, the nicest part was my speaking result which was 7.5.

I wonder if I should be happy or sad... I'm totally confused :/


Hiva said...

Behi, that's great. I know you didn't got 7 but 6.5 is pretty good mark. and wow 7.5 for speaking. I don't know why universities want 7, it's really not fair. you did a great job honey.

BEHI said...

Thanks Hiva joonam, I'm always thankful for having your support :).

Don Cox said...

Judging from the blog, I think 6.5 is about right. That is, looking at the criteria here. In other words, it is always clear what you mean, but there are lots of small mistakes over idioms. The best cure for that would be to read a lot of books in English. And to keep on writing the blog - practice is always good.

human being said...

You should be more than happy dearest Behi, coz you are moving forward. When you know about your weak points you can manage to find better solutioins.

don cox is a real friend; he doesn't give you empty compliments. Listen to him.
And one point:
Your writings are in English, but the 'competence' (linguistic meaning of the word)is still Farsi. This might create some problems for the native speakers.

BEHI said...

Thanks for the tips. I'm on my way to improve my English and blogging in English is one the ways for me to keep on the practice.

That's right Don cox...Practice makes perfect.