Friday, 3 August 2007

Miscellaneous thoughts of today...

1- I can't feel the speed of life any faster than this, time is really flying to... where? I don't know and it might be best not knowing the final destination and just letting yourself fly with it.

2- It feels different, living in here, where I don't hear and see people and things that I used to. It's like a new picture of me in a close shot and every body else in the background, before it was me in the background, looking at a close shot of people and things, searching to find a trace or sign of me.

3- I'm getting along with myself more. I'm trying to find a organized one, the one that I would place every thing, every fact and every person fairly. The one that I would see and hear me clearly without having a picture with any background. A picture with no background.

4-I've really missed God :(.

5-I love my love, he's been giving me more than I could ever imagine.

6- I love the beauties of life.

7-I must learn how to discipline myself.

8- I must learn how to take things easy on myself.

1 comment:

Hiva said...

Behi, I know what you mean by #4, when you pray (talk to him) you some how organise yourself, you make it clear what you want ?, what is bothering you?, who are you worry about?.. so at the end of your conversation you feel much better. [he knows!]
you know, I miss him too, I talk to him less than befor and when I do, I feel safe..I don't if it is a matter of being busy or againg...
if you miss him talk to him, but if you are ok, then its alright. its all about you not him