Monday, 6 August 2007

Help me Mr.Holmes!

Among all the books that I can't choose now as they are resting in their shelves in Tehran and a few books which we managed to bring with us here so I can choose now, I decided to start "Sherlock Holmes"- 2 volumes consist of all novels and short stories-I remember a series of these stories was shown in our national TV in Iran several years ago and the voice of Sherlock Holmes was dubbed by one of the excellent Iranian artists into Farsi at the time.

The main inspiration comes from this fact that I am not fast enough in both reading and having a good comprehension of English texts. A good prescription- as my teacher recommended, could be reading and reading and again reading. This could help me to be more familiar with various structures, be faster gradually and it could affect my writing as well. Plus for understanding the text properly I need to be focused on details and have a good command of the whole concept at the same time. So, the second practice could be helpful for the one like me who is always too much into the details. Besides, I need to increase the adventure level of my blood at the moment ;). Well, Enough with me talking, let me fly with the wings of Mr.Doyle's imagination :).

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