Thursday, 12 July 2007

My poor bunny

The sun in the last two days was not shiny, Mr.Behi had a very unceasing fever. After almost 7 years of knowing him, I can say that it was the first time I saw him catching this type of cold. It was pleasant to have him home but at the time it was terrible to see him burning like that :(. He felt much better today and left home to his work. I'm now relieved that he's getting his health back. I tried really hard to trick him into taking today off too but who was I kidding, when it comes to work it's way too difficult to keep him distracted :).

Another thing is that, I am drowning in the ocean of new words as my new vocabulary is expanding. At first I had a feeling that they are like cancer's tumors growing fast and wild, then I figured out I was really frightening myself with this scary metaphor. So I changed it into extensive calm clouds that are joining together very quickly. They remind me of a cloudy weather which I love. They are white, they can shape to funny or beautiful forms AND they are cool, not scary at all ;).

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Don Cox said...

Please say "Get well" to Mr Behi for me. I hope it was only a flu virus and not anything more dangerous._____Yes, I can see your vocabulary increasing from one post to the next. You should be able to read literature in English (Jane Austen, Rebecca West, etc) and really enjoy it now.

BEHI said...

Thanks,actually he's all well now.

I'm really keen to be able to read these classics as I've already read the Farsi translation of Jane Austen's works and I enjoyed them a lot.

Hiva said...

I am happy that Mr Behi is ok now, About the vocab you are really getting better and better every day. GOD TEACH ME :)))))

Beck said...

Hi Mrs Behi! I am glad Mr Behi is well again. I love your analogy of new words being like clouds! I am starting to learn Farsi and sometimes it is scary to think about all the words I do not know yet but I will try to think of them like clouds as well! I very much enjoy reading yours and Mr Behi's blogs. Thanks for sharing all of your lovely observations.

BEHI said...

Thanks for visiting our blogs Beck :)... Please feel free to ask any question about learning Farsi, I will be glad if I can help you.