Saturday, 14 July 2007

New and Old

Well, today we went to old town in the city. Visiting old structures is one of my favorite things to do, you can see history's traces in every single item, you can feel real and be real...We took a walk through the old bazaar, we could see lots of traditional shops along a path like a maze presenting many handicrafts with this area's special design. In the meantime we went to a traditional restaurant for lunch, the food was made from scallop fish. A big fish was flying over our heads hanging from the roof, he seemed so real which made me kind of ashamed of eating one of his species right in front of him :.

Afterward, we ran into one of my husband's new friends with his wife in the area. We continued the rest of our walk together.He's British and his wife is Argentinian.They are almost our age without any children and so nice. Their similar conditions and also the "no child" part may hopefully help us to make plans together easier.
...It's always delightful to make new friends and see old buildings :).

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