Monday, 16 July 2007

...And REALLY happily ever after?

One of my... well irritating "things" - I think I have other odd things as well- is the ever-lasting desire to ask the same specific questions, time to time, from my husband as if it's the first time I'm asking them. It "always" starts with this: " Are we REALLY happy right at this moment? Yes,of course, he says. Then my question shifts to the next level: "Are you REALLY enjoying your time with me?" What kind of question is this, of course I am, he says while giggling. The next question would always be: " Why? why do you REALLY feel happy and why do you enjoy your time with me?" Because I love you and then and then and..., he says-this time but more seriously. Then, I cannot resist not to ask this final question every single time:" Why do you REALLY love me? What are your main reasons?...with a very curious and serious look then!

5 years ago when we got engaged I used to ask these exact questions except for the first one that I would say: "Are we going to be REALLY happy?"!

I assume 20 years later this question will modify to: " Had we been REALLY happy?"

When I REALLY think about it , I come to realize that doing this obsessive thing is just amusing to me and what amazes me more is that he never gives up answering them :D.


Hiva said...

I can imagin your and his face while you keep asking him. That's cute how you always looking into yourself.

BEHI said...

I know you can always see me my dear, I know :). mersi Hivaie.

Don Cox said...

Isn't 98% happy enough?


BEHI said...

Let me think about that :).