Monday, 9 July 2007

One tidy schedule

One of the main motivations for me opening this blog has been sorting out my mind. When I don't talk about something that is important to me, it means I am not thinking of it passionately which also means my mind's background is busy with various stuff that some of them are not really helpful and are interrupting my concentration. In fact I'm the person of words.
I'm not just saying this because I've not been writing about it here, actually when I don't talk A LOT with my husband about this specific subject, it shows there is some thing wrong with me. Yes that's right, I love to talk, not anywhere, anytime and with anyone but I do talk.

So here it is, my consciousness telling me that I desperately need to write down a specific daily program for my IELTS study. I'm already working and doing some practice and am taking some actions in this favor but I'm not totally satisfied with the time that I'm spending. This step is really important to me since after passing this I will be studying the materials that I LOVE and then will start building up the career that I always wanted.

So from now on, it's very possible to see me writing my thought's digestions in this area.


Khadijateri said...

You can always post your IELTS writing on your blog... or you can write about speaking topics and post them too. Come in to class early and do extra listening and reading.

Hiva said...

Behi joonam,
You will be alright, I am positively sure. and after passing the test you have to invite me to dinner at Borj Al Arab :)))

BEHI said...

Hiva jooni,
Are you sure,just one tiny dinner? How about spending the whole week there,my treat?:D