Sunday, 22 July 2007

A sweet little world

This weekend, we had a good rest.We didn't go anywhere other than our favorite regular restaurants. We rented and watched 3 new movies which were very different in their topics.We watched 2 seasons of our favorite comedy in a row- for I don't know how many times -and I still laugh A LOT as if it's the first time I'm watching them.
I think I'm one of those who loves to laugh. In fact when I laugh I mean it and I do it with all my heart. Sounds this is the way this body's organ works since when I'm sad I can deeply feel the sorrow in all my parts.
I think I took this from my childhood except at that time, my mood could be changed much simpler by a very first distraction. I mean I could be crying a river in a car, exhausted from long hours of traveling and all of a sudden, laughing so hard with the exciting voice of my mother who was trying to take my attention to a cute offspring of a cattle aside the road- I exampled this one because I still can recall it very clearly :)- well... I can understand that as we grow old, we cannot stick in all ways we used to walk through our childhood but what I never understand is that why we forget to take the wonderful parts of that period with us. Instead when it's time to be grown up we bring back the immature parts which apparently we did forget to leave to our childhood!
Is it really that hard to be lively, hopeful and live in a moment? Don't take it personally, as a matter of fact I'm talking to myself here ;D.

PS: This picture is the real me, when I was young :).


sparkle hayter said...

What a cutie! How old were you in that photo?

BEHI said...

Thanks :).I think I was 6 or 7,I'm not sure.

Don Cox said...

nice photo. Have you got one of Mr Behi at the same age?

BEHI said...

Thank you.Yes I have,he's quite a gentleman in all those photos :D.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Snap..