Wednesday, 18 July 2007


When I was living in Iran, I had some difficulties dealing with some complexities in Iranian society. It's not an easy job to understand all its parts... For instant, I could see people who were civilized, broad-minded, creative and spiritual in some subjects and suddenly could turn to completely careless, superstitious, fanatic or traditional in some other subjects. Since all these last concepts could have been merged together in so many levels, it's not easy to distinguish them at times. These things could be legitimate for the governments to some extent too...Shocking!
It's like you walk into a very luxurious nice house with every thing brand new but when you walk into the kitchen you face a broken mucky old area! I should take the chance and thank the media stereotypes of every corner of the world and our government for their stunning policy for spotlighting the dark side of this country and then generalizing that!... But apart from that, I still cannot make my peace with all these paradoxical terms themselves.
Coming to this Muslim Arab country and finding out other perspective in here made me add some other things to this puzzle.

On top off my head I can see: here people are MUCH more Muslim. Religion doesn't propagandize here. Official rules for women seem more flexible and you see women themselves don't do some social activities- while it is so common for Iranian women to do them- and here they just don't do them because the society seems quite religious and traditional and they seem perfectly happy with that and then... I can see myself thinking of my home country while carrying a bunch of question marks with me...


Hiva said...

Thank you Behi, and I know what you mean here in this post

Don Cox said...

People are not logical. Take a big sack and throw into it a rat, a camel and a penguin. That is what the inside of a person's head is like.