Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Before and After

Have you actually though If you were born or raised in a different place or atmosphere from the one that you've already been? You would not exactly be your present you. Thinking about it makes me wondering, how we can be so sure about the way we behave or think while we could be easily somebody else if we were living somewhere else...well, let's not go that far. Even if we were raised by another family in our neighborhood, this would be still valid.

Isn't it enough to give us the courage to question our beliefs, manners and habits at least once in our lives? and if so, what would this doubt bring to us?
What about marriage? Isn't it like another birth that can affect every thing incredibly? Seems we have more control on its type than our place of birth but still the coming results are unpredictable.

My teacher that I told you about the other time is an American who did question and then changed her beliefs 18 years ago. She did this while she was getting married to her Libyan husband. Two enormous changes. Was she so in love or extremely courageous OR both?


Don Cox said...

We could have been borne (or hatched) on a different planet. Then we would certainly have different habits and beliefs. There is an interesting novel called "Memoirs of a Spacewoman" by Naomi Mitchison which discusses this. Worth reading if you can find a copy.

BEHI said...

Thanks, I will try to find that.

Anonymous said...

I pondered on how I would answer this question you pre·empted to us. I have friends who have married their mate from a different religion and culture. From my own experiences, many women who are fed up with their prior relationship will gravitate toward his religion and culture. I am very grounded and emotionally healthy. If a man asked me to move, I could not leave my grown children and grandchildren. My spirituality is so grounded and fermented I would not change my religion. I have studied all religions and own many books and cross reference material. I would hope he would accept the differences and we could learn from each other.


human being said...

Hi dear Behi:
Thank u so much for your comment. I'm visiting your blog now. It's very interesting. Your scrutiny about some subjects and questions, like this one in this post, shows you are a person of mind -- and a philosophical one. I love that. I added u to my favorites.