Monday, 9 July 2007

I never forget tomorrow

I vividly remember that day (July 9th, 1999) when hardline police forces rammed into Tehran university dorm compound early in the morning, beating and arresting students and destroying the dorms to a wreckage. That year was the first year of my study at university. That morning day when I was on my way to university, I faced an angry demonstration of students coming from the dormitory with a bloody shirt in one's hands while they were shouting. I had no idea what had happened and what was going on. I arrived at university and was surprised by the upset students of my college who were standing in the middle of the corridor, wearing black armlets. I clearly remember those moving days when tears of tenderness mixed with tear gas came out from our eyes in the university's area, where we were supposed to be safe in any condition. I remember the fear of having university closed. I remember all our expectations and hopes for the reformist president of that time. I remember...

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