Thursday, 28 June 2007

Soaking in Libya

Tripoli is getting hot these days. The heat with high degree of humidity makes me feel like I'm standing in sauna when I'm outside. But still it's more tolerable in comparison with summer in UAE where I think the heat is more stifling.
There are only certain places in streets and shops where I get the chance to be in contact with Libyans. The class that I'm going these days also gives me a good opportunity to get a better perspective on people. The majority of students in the class are Libyans. They seem friendly like most of other Libyans. It is somehow close to Iranian culture although there are some differences. One thing that I've noticed is that they seldom criticize their society or culture in any sort which is a far cry from Iranian fellows who are interested in criticizing any thing around them.
This country is the fourth that I had the chance to see till this age. It is true that each society has its own differences within but it is still possible to obtain one overall image of each. I'm not here to judge that image I am perceiving but I'm letting my curiosity to wander and capture every interesting fact about here, It's just amusing :). I hope after leaving here I have a real image of where I used to live in and what it was like.

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