Monday, 25 June 2007

A plate of health

"Healthy diet is important", these four words have been circulating around my mind since while ago. The roots of many diseases come from wrong eating habits. It's just like wrong thoughts that can cause troubles for mental health ( I do believe in this Persian proverb that says: you'll harvest whatever you've planted ) this is totally true for both mental and physical aspects of life which are tightly connected to each other. Although the outside factors like environment and genetics are not discussed here considering the fact that we have less control on them than what we eat.

Sooo, let's see what we can do. Cooking delicious meals is mostly my responsibility as a wife of our small family but I should make sure to use : less red meat, more seafood and white meat, less salt (this is the easiest part as we got used to it from long time ago), much more of fruits, vegetables and organic food ( by the way I'm so missing Iranian yogurts :( ), much less fatty meals (Olive oil is better to use), no more coca cola or fizzy drinks (we've just quit this one), perfect breakfast...

Wish me luck :).

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Hiva said...

Behi it's great to oget use to healthy diet. but don't worry as far as you don't start having steak for dinner three times a week , or having a frozen lunch in microwave every day, having no milk or yogurt and finaly having no salad in your daily diet... you are safe and healthy.
by the way about the Iranian yogurt, you can start making it yourself it's easy..