Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Time to begin

Well, Today I just registered myself for an IELTS preparation course. I think it is really a good time to begin this. I have enough time to study the required materials with an American teacher, yeaaaaaaah it's always great to have a native teacher and tomorrow I will start.
I need at least 7 for getting an admission from the desired university.

The coolest part started when my new teacher asked my name and I told her my proper name, it sounded difficult to her so I told her to call me Behi as it is my name's abbreviation and then I laughed and said "just like my husband's name ", then she came with the great wonder, turned to my husband and said "Are you the one that has a blog? are you Mr.Behi?!!!..." and it was the time we all got surprised and had a good laugh.
It's a small world after all, isn't it? :)


Hiva said...

Wow, it's really small world, so interesting

KhadijaTeri said...
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KhadijaTeri said...

Keep blogging Mrs Behi - your writing will improve in leaps and bounds!