Sunday, 27 May 2007

New hair style

Yesterday I suggested my husband to change his hair style because it was the same for a long time. I told him to have a haircut that I saw on some hair style models and the fact that how much it would come with his face,etc.
My suggestion was so well-received from him. After that, we were wondering how we could trust his hairdresser with making the exact result as we had in mind. As we live in Tripoli, sometimes we face problems to express ourselves well in English. You are not sure if people get you correctly in the first place. In this special case facing such a difficulty would be totally risky of course. Although I should say that generally Libyan people have a good command of English.
While thinking of that, I came with another suggestion: I could do that for him. Consider that I haven't had such an experience whatsoever before but the level of my confidence seemed so high to him and apparently to myself that made him to actually think about my offer :). Then his thinking process stopped on the point of asking me: "Am I really sure about doing it", I said : "Yeeeees but I won't cut the size of your hair too much so there would be always the way to cover it in case of me messing your hair up by your hairdresser" and this was the time that I made him frighten and then I added : "Don't worry, trust me".
After some talks, we agreed on doing this by me next time we go to our holiday, as he had a very formal meeting and also training classes during this week and he would prefer to go there without having his head bandaged ( of course for hiding my traces in case of having a bad luck) or shaving all his hair ( that could be another solution in case of having an emergency :D).

So this time he will go to his permanent hairdresser as usual and we will see what's gonna happen the next time ;).

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KhadijaTeri said...

You could always have Sheila cut Mr. Behi's hair.