Monday, 12 July 2010

I miss home

We used to live in an old small apartment in the center of Tehran, on the forth floor with water pumping problem. In different periods of the apartment's life different residents including us came out with different solutions to fix the problem but none worked completely.
The problem was compensated for the lively atmosphere of the street it was located, the fact that it was so close to Tehran university and the book stores nearby, unforgettable memories from the past the time I was very young and the decoration of the place itself with a lot of thoughts that we put into it to make it cozy which it was and the bonus that it was for free.
I left the place that early morning to Libya with tearful eyes knowing that I would miss living there and that was true...


Hiva said...

Gush..How many nights I stayed over, we talked till mid night, we had our famous discussions on almost everything..I missed that cozy lovely house..I miss you more

Behi said...

Precious memories, reminding each of them leaves me either with laughter or smile :) miss you a lot hivaie.