Tuesday, 13 July 2010

So I have a brain... Pheww ;-)

I participated fMRI as a subject for a project and now I received my brain image (from the side) today.
I cannot help looking at its parts thinking God this defines the whole me!!


Nava said...

If this Defines you, you should be an attractive one, since this is one handsome brain! ;)

Don Cox said...

I would recognise you anywhere!

Actually, that image seems to be squashed vertically - scaling up the height by 50% gives more natural looking proportions. No doubt some peculiarity of the instrument.

How's the ankle?

Behi said...

Nava jan, you think? Hope it really is and thanks :)

Dear Don Cox,
I'm not familiar with the technical aspects of the fMRI but am guessing you're right. And about the ankle, thanks for asking. It's getting better as time passes... I was thinking to write a new post on that actually.