Monday, 5 July 2010

What is risk?

When I was in elementary school I heard a story once about one of the high school students in my hometown. The story always amazed me for two reasons; first for the student himself and what he dared to do and second for the reaction of the teacher whom I though should have been a bright person.
Apparently, it was the exam season and in the essay exam the subject was: "what is risk?" Our story's student wrote at the beginning of his paper: "Risk means..." And then he delivered back his paper just like that.
He got the full score at the end.


Daisy said...

I still think the teacher was a bright person and a great mentor. What that student did was indeed daring but it was also very creative. As a teacher you should never prevent your students to be creative. it's not always about following the roles. it's about looking outside the box.

Behi said...

Exactly!totally agree :)

Daisy said...

oops! my bad. I misunderstood.