Saturday, 24 January 2009


"You harvest what you've planted"

This is of those obvious quotes that I think many agree with and so do I. But as time passes I can see its picture applies on almost every thing that I see, hear, face and live with.
It does not necessarily mean for every situation that I've been to I was the responsible one but it does mean there is no such thing as luck. Every thing that happens is based on someone's decision, action and reaction. You can play and go on by typical rules and get quite stereotyped results and feel lucky, unlucky, victimized and winner OR you can set your own rules and feel "good". That's I think should be named creativity and that feeling of being good or not stays with you.

I just noticed this was my first post of 2009 :)


Behrooz said...

It always seems a known truth but many people tend to forget the obvious of taking control of mind and destiny by thinking positively and act responsively. Looking at you everyday and seeing how aware you are of this fundamental idea of success is a nice experience for itself. Best of luck to you

Behi said...

Well, from all people who can be aware of this mind-controlling you are the master mister ;):).

Anonymous said...

I had this thought just like yours for many years; but after all these years I have just started to believe in luck, too. Perhaps luck is not the main part of our destiny; but for sure is an undeniable part of it.
I don't know!
Maybe I still need time to make my mind; but for now, it's not only what I have planted...

Behi said...

Dear Parinaz,
I know what you mean and to be honest I like to think of luck as unpredictable things that we cannot control on their influence sometimes, when this uncontrollable thing makes things better for us we like to think of them as luck or the thing that God wanted for us, otherwise that event is just a bad luck which some complain about to God. The thing is that I can see this harvest thing more clear than before but I should confess that it's not what I can see ALL the time but even at that time something says to me that you didn't start that specific "planting" but you can still plant something else to get a nice harvest...Thanks Parinaz jan for your thought-provoking comment :)

cuckoo said...

randomness is among the few things that make our lives more meaningful :)