Monday, 26 January 2009


You think you could be good friends if you met her some day, there is some thing that gives you this impression that you would click so easily but meeting people is like a chain of accidents and then it's just a matter of choosing to make and stay friends with or not but in this case that's a shame that you never met each other.
There is time that you feel you could be good friends if you met the person under other circumstances. If only your title was a classmate, a co-worker, a stranger or friend of a friend. Then you two could be friends and not just relative which you are. Especially with this imposed and to some extent unpleasant clich├ęd title. The relationship is "unfortunately" defined in one word: Distance.
You feel a bitter interaction, a negative energy in between which some prefer to name, maybe it's the chemistry that is not right, whatever that is you feel like you're the only one walking and on a one way direction and you think it would never work whether you met this person under the sweetest circumstances or as a relative who wouldn't carry any repelling title or would carry one. This relationship is "always" defined in one word: Distance.


Hiva said...

That's right Behi juni, There are several factors that make two persons be a very good friend, or be just ok, or dislike each other.
As you said the very first things is the chemistry, how much two people can connect and develop a healthy friendship. in this case only your character play a main role.
But sometimes, two people, both nice guys can't be friend, because of stupid titles they carry on . As you said there are high chances that if they met as a classmate or co-worker developed a very strong relationship but for so many reasons it ended up as a poor relationship with all "keeping safe distance" things.

agreablement said...

passo per caso nel tuo blog
un saluto from Italy, ciao

Esfand` said...

:) distance... hmm .. thanks for this perspective!
though I thought it was about the distance which Shakira alludes to in the song, Whenever, Wherever, but now I know its about a different type.

Write something about being close too!