Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Daily Routine

I'm in the middle of my daily routine, trying to keep up with the pace of my tight schedule and I'm getting quicker than before which is good especially when you don't have much choice but to be faster!

I'm coming to this conclusion and use it as a strategy that when I think I have a problem or difficulty, the last thing that I should do is to think why I have this problem and the first thing is to take an action, any action that converts the present problem to a simpler version or to a solved one. I'm specifically talking about the time that I have tons of things to learn and just a little time. This conclusion may not be that much of a help if you're thinking of something else though.

The interesting and unfortunate thing is that I like to write about some of the things that I've been busy reading; on those that I find more interesting, those that when I learn I cannot help but smile and feel excited but I pass by without having the chance of saying a proper good bye hoping to return and greet again.


Hiva said...

Behi junam, wish you best of luck with exams, projects, everythings honey.. Love you

jeerjeerak said...

"To take an action, any action that converts the present problem to a simpler version or to a solved one."

well said.

Anonymous said...

I hope you manage all your stuff in the best way possible!
And one day you will look back, and feel the happiness through all these busy moments!

Wish you all the best in the world.

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cuckoo said...

It is a big realization you mention in the 2nd paragraph. it is also related to the 3rd, in the sense of letting go of things ...