Saturday, 21 February 2009

These Interesting People

People are like a collection of stamps, with different shapes, colors, ages and stories they are similar though, since they all are stamps. If we get the chance we may hear their stories or a part of them some day, we may like the whole tales or only a very short part of them and if we're lucky enough to come across nice stories, have good ears and fine memories after some years we may have a collection and it's very possible that this time we call them life-time lessons.
At the third course that I had almost 2 months ago there was one new student who was also going to teach us only for one and half hours of the first session. He used to sit right next to me, listened to the lectures so eagerly and asked questions once he did not understand and he was in his 70s. He studied Medicine when he was young and changed his major to philosophy and is one of the respectful professors of the university and author of some academical books. At the first session he lectured on Neuro-philosophy and then became a student for the rest of the term since there was little discovered in Neuroscience related subjects at the time he was studying Medicine as he said. I was amazed at his humble, modest and enthusiastic spirit and I could not think of any teacher any similar to him through the entire years of my studies.
And in the last two terms, there are two other new students that I see, one is a Ph.D. student of economy and the other is the professor of economy faculty and the tutor of this student. They're trying to define a proposal in economy and in relation with Neuroscience and neural network and for that they need to have some knowledge of nervous system of the body so they attend these classes and both listen and take part in all class activities and also sit for the exams.

I respect these people, no matter how great their places, their titles and their careers are they always remain students.


Tameshk said...

Behi Joonam
I cannot say how much I agree with the point your are making, moreover to me it is the question of tolerance of others. I think from a year or so ago I felt if I see a small positive point in people's behavior or point of view I will become more tolerant of them; so even when someone is behaving the way I don't like in every single way I start to look for that small positive thing in them. That in a way follows the idea of everyone can teach you something, even if it is little. So let's be students forever.

Hiva said...

Nice, Behi thanks for sharing this, it's spiring to hear about people like them,

Deep Blue Sea said...

And here I am Struggling with my Bachelors Degree,unsure whether I will ever become an Engineer.

Anonymous said...

Behi jan

I have seen such people, too. However they are very few...
I used to have a professor who was the president of International Law commission of the UN at the time; but you could never find it out from his manner and attitude. He was such a great man that I can never forget him!

May we all have the same capacity to become a modest person!

Be happy my dear friend.

Esfand` said...

So true, I would never give up my status as a student, as I believe this is the only fun part to life, no matter how many degrees, titles or what sort of a career I end up having. I will always remain a student in the class of life.

Have a great day! Thanks for sharing such nice concepts, ideas and for the expressions!