Wednesday, 26 March 2008


I've always had respect for those who can focus passionately on more than one matter and I guess that's because I'm not like them. These days this disability is blinking at me more and not in a very pleasant way, it's more like teasing than just a flashing reminder. From the time that I can recall my head has been like a sponge, it absorbs strongly and with all my heart any "my-call" important thought or idea that comes first like liquid so that there would be no holes and space for any other matter that is unfortunate enough to arrive next. I need a parallel mind to try banana and strawberry cakes or ice-creams beside their chocolate ones, to have breakfast while awaiting an important e-mail every single time, to be able to calm down and stop singing a new found favorite song so much and not with a very beautiful voice before starting to hate that, to read books at the very least as much as favorite blogs and websites, to review organic chemistry- which I really need to do so- in addition to learning about DNA and its magnificent features and to write more about other matters that are worthy and not happening in my mind...

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Frieda said...

just BE, you are trying too hard to do too many can do all ..but ONE AT A TIME...what's the rush?! you too young ::)