Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Happy New year!

I look at this year that we're leaving behind tomorrow morning and I can say:

-Our home was filled with love, laughter and understanding,
-My mind tried as much as it could afford to know me better,
-I had different experiences, took new steps that I'll never forget,
-Every one that I love is alive and I hope is happy.

I wish when 1388 comes, I look back at 1387 and say:

-Our home was filled with love, laughter and understanding,
-Our days were cherished with great desires and little but endless fulfillments,
-My heart perfectly tried to be open to others' hearts and had the courage to be open to those that closed theirs to mine,
-Every one that I love and I know is happy and alive,
-The world is walking towards peace.

Happy Nowruz, Happy Spring, Happy 1387 you all


Tameshk said...

Behi Joonam

Happy Norooz and best wishesh for the New Year!

Nava said...

Dear Behi,
Happy Norooz...
This was one of the best pieces that I read on the new year. I wish you also all the best in 1387: health, peace, happiness...

Abadany dar Holland said...

Eide shoma mobarak!

Hiva said...

Behi junam, I wish all you desires come true... boooos

jeerjeerak said...

Behi jan,
It's so good to meet you. Thanks for leaving me that comment and thanks for letting me know that you read my blog. I will come back here later to get to know your blog better. Meanwhile i wish you a very happy New Year filled with love and peace.

P.S. your haftsin is very nice. I fell in love with the mina vase by the mirror and the mirror itself:)