Monday, 31 March 2008

In Tripoli

The frequency is about 7 out of 10 wrong phone-calls in 3 months:

You pick the phone, you hear something, then you say: "Sorry, wrong number" and this is where the story begins because someone on the line finds it very amusing to call to hear the exact sorry-words from you for at least 3 times. The solutions are:
1-If you hear a guy and you yourself have a feminine voice which says that you're a lady you have to pass the phone to a person that has a masculine voice then the miracle happens; the person that has been calling non-stop, stops calling.
2-Only change positions of the genders in part 1 if the person who calls is a girl then again you won't hear the rings anymore.
3- None of the two above strategies works? In this case stop picking up the phone he/she will quit calling for sure

You are the resident of an apartment which is one year old.
The owner of the above floor starts to change every thing about his newly built apartment except for the house's roof and skeleton. You hear hitting, pocking, drilling and digging for nearly 2 months almost every day from morning till evening. You go to talk with the owner of the house to ask him to take the noises down. What you recieve as the response is: "You should consider your neighbor..."

If you are in a supermarket and you see a product- especially the food items- that you use a lot. Take more than one because there is no guaranty that you could find it next time at the same supermarket or any other supermarket in any corner of the city, remember that you're not supposed to see it again unless something happens that proves you were wrong then again take more than one at once since you might not see it again.

As an Iranian you might hear:

1- Oh! you're Iranian... Don't you speak Arabic?!
2-I like "Ahmadi nejad" very much!

And this might catch your eyes:

A picture of "Saddam" in a store across a street.

I brought these here for the record when I would feel difficulty to remember some details... But I don't think I would have difficulty to remember the warm gestures of people in here with their humble buildings and streets where I can feel and find peace and beauty.


Abadany dar Holland said...

Eventhough this doesn't happen that much in The Netherlands, I just don't pick up the phone when there is no caller ID. I guess in Libya this one of the few ways to dat? Lol

Abadany dar Holland said...

I meant: few ways to date.

Nava said...

This was funny! I really like these "social-behavior- observations", as long as they are harmless, the behavior I mean, not the observations!
Now you know what I hear here in Canada as an Iranian sometimes?..."Oh, so you are from Iran? That's interesting. I also had a friend from syria once..."!!!

Frieda said...

heh! funny

Anonymous said...

if u libyana that's true !!!!u know why !! coz most of people in libyana ((girls)) loooooool