Friday, 24 August 2007

First contact

One of my old habits since my teenage years is sharing my thoughts and feelings with a piece of paper. When I write, I can actually see the place that I am standing. But I could never imagine that some day these words were going to connect my life to the world of the person who is my true love.
I remember it was the second year of my study at university when a weekly small magazine started to publish in the faculty I was studying at. It had various columns specialized to the latest news of the faculty, sport, literature, science...There was a small box in the corridor of the faculty's area dedicated to the students who wanted to share their related texts or articles with the magazine. After a while since the start of this magazine, I dropped a piece of paper with a small paragraph from the literal words with a nickname as my signature into the box.

The next volume of the magazine published my small piece but I was surprised to see a little poem below my text. I had no idea who was the person that turned all those words to that beautiful poem as he/she wrote an unusual nickname as his/her signature. The poem had the same message, used almost the same words but had a very nice rhythm.

After some time, when I met and talked with Mr.Behi for the first time, we both figured out who were the real writers of the writing and the poem! Mr.Behi was indeed the editor of that magazine and without knowing who wrote the text, he had felt a connection with those words as if they were his own words. All this happened one midnight when he was editing the articles in his computer!

I still enjoy reviewing those magazines especially that specific volume as they bring the exact excitement and joy of the time that they belong to; the time that our minds touched each other anonymously for the very first time!

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human being said...

Wow! i reallly love such love stories. They remind us of our own stories. In this way you've spread a positive feeling all through our hearts.
Thanks for sharing.