Tuesday, 21 August 2007


I'm trying to see myself from above as a second person so there would be no hiding or compromising I guess, well here I am:

  • Sometimes I live too much in my own world and see things through my invisible glasses. It's like living in any world but the real one and not being grown up.
  • I check myself too much at times; my behavior, my attitude, my possible mistakes from the past and from the moment that I'm living in, which turns to some kind of obsession.
  • I deal with things around me in a very emotional way and it has some consequences like getting hurt. Although it doesn't mean that I cannot be rational. In fact I can be logical as well. This one is kind of confusing, isn't it?!
  • I think I am a perfectionist but some times the result doesn't give any perfect feeling to me.
  • .....


Abadany dar Holland said...

Could it be possible that your sign is "Virgo"? I recognise some of your points :)

Don Cox said...

Have you read Attar's "Conference of the Birds"? It is probably even better in the original than in English translation. He is partly talking about the kind of problem you mention here.____I would say that emotion has its own logic, which is simpler and on a larger scale than "rational" logic.

BEHI said...

Actually, I love this part of the poem that "hOdhod" or "hoopoe" is answering all the birds by describing the sort of love that has pain with it and the fact that it can lead you to be fearless and strong.

And emotion has its own logic...mmmmmmm,this can be true I guess.

Frieda said...

"I check myself too much at times; my behavior, my attitude, my possible mistakes "

This is a cultural issue and nothing is wrong with YOU.

All it means is, that you have been judged a lot when growing up, and then we grow up thinking too much about how "wrong" and "right" we are.

human being said...

You've got a creative mind, so you should employ it somewhere to get satisfaction. Why don't you get a job?