Monday, 27 August 2007

Tehran & Tripoli

These are my "personal" perceptions of the things that are different between Tehran and Tripoli. I should emphasize that I'm not generalizing these to all residents of these two cities.

1- In Tripoli, it's usual to see women wearing Burgah and men wearing shorts. You can even see men half naked running across the street! In Tehran however, It is almost impossible to see a woman covering her entire face and I haven't seen men wearing shorts and they never come out half naked!

2- In Tripoli, if you have a big car and a huge house you will be considered as a member of upper-class society. But in Tehran, the location of your home matters most.

3- In Tehran, although having satellite receivers is completely illegal, but you can see many roofs covered with them. However, you cannot be considered as a really religious person when you have a satellite receiver especially with all the dance programs on display. In Tripoli, whatever your belief is, you have the satellite dish on your roof and it's legal.

4- Wedding car in Tripoli normally means a decorated car with only the groom inside it and a bunch of excited happy guys in their cars escorting him. While in Tehran, wedding car means a car with bride and groom inside it and a bunch of excited happy families in their cars escorting them.

5- In Tehran, most people go to mosque only when it's someone's funeral or memorial. In Tripoli, people go to mosques for funerals, weddings and during the day for their daily prays.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

Very interesting..


Anonymous said...

Nice, Specially #5

-Amir Kashani

Don Cox said...

So how does the bride get to the wedding in Tripoli? Bicycle?


human being said...

Terrific! Waiting impatiently for the rest....