Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Time to face...

Well, let's face it, I was in denial state, I was too afraid to admit that. Maybe I thought if I didn't care about my feelings, they would go away.
Yes, I was homesick and I think I still am. What I would expect? It's the first time that I am apart officially from my country. It's almost 2 months now and I'm starting to believe that I am really in the whole another place! I've missed my so caring dedicated mother when she was standing in front of door with a bag of books and some papers in her hands... when she came with her warm and tired face. I've missed my kind-hearted and hard-working father who I always could find out what was going on in his mind by his first words. I've missed those long talks with my reliable sister who is so pure. I've missed my brother with all his gestures. I've been missing my younger brother who lives in another country, I got used to this feeling and accepted it as an ever lasted part of me but now I feel hurt as I think the distance is getting more and more as time passes. I've missed..

I needed to write down these feelings, I needed to open the closed book.
I know I will manage all these feelings. I'm doing my best..., It's just a natural phase that I'm going through and will pass it. I will be fine...

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Hiva said...

Behi don't worry honey, you need a year to settle down, everything gonna be allrithy, love you