Monday, 11 June 2007

The right answer??

It has been a while since I've been trying to figure out where in the world we want to see ourselves in the future. When I was living in Iran the answer seemed much simpler, not only to me but to many around me: the place with world's latest standards which simply refers to the western countries and on the top of them Canada and Australia as best choices.
Now, I've found the answer not that simple. One thing is clear that it really matters who you are when you talk about the best place to live in. I mean,where is the particular place in the world that can make you happy the most. I already know the answer though : nowhere! there is no ideal package!

All these thoughts are coming from the choices that are right in front of us. Because of my husband's job we can go and live in different places for a certain time; 2-3 years. It's like a journey which takes us to somewhere new every now and then. We could trust on that and be released from the last place every time and go for the next one. OR we can do a typical "smart" thing; starting the immigration process and wait till the right time for living in a modern country permanently. My husband's attitude is another story, he had been alert for every new opened door which often turned to face him to nice things over the door, without him being so pushy. He's a kind of hard-working person who embraces life with all its sides and as he says it has worked for him so far.

But guess what? Last night we actually met world citizens! The loveliest middle aged couple I have ever seen all my life. I really mean that. They invited us to dinner in their house. In fact it was one of the times that I could not get enough of someones' talks. They have been living in so many countries- 2-3 years each- plus lots of travels over the past 19 years. They have 4 lovely girls. All I could hear was the words of wisdom, freshness, sense of humor and warmness. A truly rich life with all its wonderful aspects and of course with all its challenging sides. Last night, one question came across my mind which was how they were going to fit with living in a permanent place in their retirement years after experiencing such a dynamic life. They told us :" we're going to take our backpacks and see the rest of the world that we haven't been able to see until now", sounds quite a fantastic plan!..

I am now amazed that right in the middle of our thoughts about this matter we met the perfect example of one of these choices. What a coincidence!!!

I enjoyed these words a lot, so I couldn't resist putting them in here, thanks Sparkle :

One says"Bloom where you're planted!" The other says "For you my dear, I wish two things, I wish you roots, I wish you wings!"

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Behzad said...

Mrs. Behi, thank you for your thought provoking posts. When I was a child in Iran, I never imagined for a second that I would live in another country. But I was wrong!! I been lived in the "wealtiest" and the "poorest" areas of the world and I will tell you that its all about embrassing the goodness of the place and every place has it, and then trying to make a difference in any way you can. Salaam be Aghai Behi Beresoonid.

BEHI said...

Thanks Behzad, your point is all correct.

Hiva said...

living like a passenger in this world, and travel from one part to another seems amazing, you never make root at a certain place, you never find strong ties anywhere. you will be like person with no special logo or identities, which is itself is a new identity "immigrant". you will be the guest of the earth, seems cool..
but remember, you should be ready to accept that everything will be temperary, your friends, your home, your childe school... you will have totally different life style, which is good but not easy for all people to follow.. most of time we prefer to settle down and start making permannet friend network,'s all depends on your character honey

BEHI said...

I agree with you Hiva joon, It is not the same. Even one place doesn't make the same feeling for all people who are living there.It's the matter of you yourself.

Sparkle Hayter said...

A friend of mine in the u.s. had two needlepoint samplers on her wall. One said, "Bloom where you're planted!" The other said "For you my dear, I wish two things, I wish you roots, I wish you wings!"

World citizen is perfect for you!