Sunday, 10 June 2007

A weekend away

This weekend we went to "Dar Tellile"; a nice hotel beside the sea near Sabratha with some facilities such as: chalets, Tennis court, bowling, etc... We had a great time the whole day with our friends who were from Egypt, Pakistan, England, Albania, Malaysia, Belgium..We enjoyed playing bowling the most. As we could play in groups so it made the game more exciting but I should say that it was not my lucky day. I'm not a pro at this game but I've been fine often with throwing the balls in the right or at least the reasonable approach. You should have seen me having problems with gripping the holes then not seeing the throwing ball but in the rotating state on the ground then seeing it deviated. If I actually had a plan for rolling the balls like this, I could not be closer to it more than I was, but it was all fun :D.
Anyway, I enjoyed talking with these ladies who all had kids. They have had different experiences international life styles so far. They seemed so open to change, changing the atmosphere of their lives every now and then ( because the company my husband works for, transfers it's employers to different countries). They seemed very welcoming to every new member of this community as well. No mater how you look, what your language is, which religion you practice... I like this attitude. It makes me feel that world is a dreamy place... which is not, I know. But being a little bit dreamy doesn't hurt anybody, especially when I am just sitting on my own little world with my dreamy cute Mr.Behi :).

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Hiva said...

Bowling is quite tricky. One of my friend advice me just look at where you want the ball hit and then through it. It works try it next time.:)