Friday, 15 June 2007

Not as Kind as his Grandma!

Last night we decided to try Chinese food. Actually it was our first time. We had heard a lot of odd stories about the unusual taste of Chinese food, but we decided to put all those stories aside and be adventurous. I'm a very conservative person to choose new cuisines as it can keep me hungry if it would be something unbearable to eat. So I decided to read the ingredients of all choices very carefully as my husband was doing the same.
Anyway, after gazing at the menu for a while, finally I asked for more information from the waitress about my selected choices. When she was describing one of them as a sweet and sour one, I thought of it as the one. I am a fan of sour tastes very much. I looked at my husband while he was telling me to go on with a big smile on his face :). He actually ordered the one with the lower risk factor: "Grandma beef" ( I didn't see it as a very Chinesy one though, between you and me ;) ). They brought the Grandma first and it looked good and I found it delicious as well. My meal came with a good looking face too but it was not as kind as my husband's Grandma in taste, actually it was very unkind. I dropped the first slice of it as soon as it touched my teeth. It had the exact taste of one of my detested Iranian pastries ("Zoulbia", imagine that with the steamed rice!). My husband couldn't even stand his lips touching them.
We ended up with two things 1- Eating from his plate ( it was fortunately big enough to fill me but I wasn't sure about my husband, although he kept saying it was all enough for him the entire time:) ) 2- The wondering and kind of funny look of the waitress in front of my untouched plate.

I am now here... let's see, yes with the confused impression. I don't think I'm gonna try any other item from their menu any time soon :D.

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Hiva said...

I am not fan of chinees food either, in contrast with Nima. But I found noodels with chicken good, as in not really something odd like the pasta with chicken. keep try new things don't give up if each time they are found odd or unbearable for you. I wasn't really lucky in trying new foods, but I keep trying

BEHI said...

Yes Hiva, we will try them again, but not very soon for sure ;).

Anonymous said...

Being from the states me and my family, we love Chinese food. If your like chicken, chicken loin mien is good. It is served with Chinese noodle instead of a bed of rice. There isn't much meat content, I assume in China, red meat isn't readily available. I like the taste of Mongolian Beef or its called house beef in my town. It has green onions, green peppers, with small strips of beef seasoned spicy on a bed of rice. I hope my tips have helped. I enjoy immensely reading you and your husbands blog's. I absolutely love Libya and it's vast historical sites. I have a close friend who lives in Sweden who is from Tripoli. Maybe one day I can travel there when my youngest is in college perhaps. Please more photos of Libya:)

Best Regards,