Sunday, 17 June 2007

The power of words

I'm coming to see we human beings' opinions,criticisms,beliefs,etc... in these states :
1-Wrong contents but in a right way to express them
2-Right contents but with the wrong approach to talk about them
3-Wrong contents with the wrong way to describe them
4-Right contents with the right approach to talk about them
I think:
The first one could be taken easily mistaken as a high-esteemed and righteous one. The second one is for the person who suffers from lack of communication skills, I guess. ( sometimes he/she even doesn't think he/she is literally right). The third one is just a pathetic looser... sad:(. The last one is what many dream to become or to meet.

I don't think that any of the above can be easily recognized. So I like to be able to concentrate on myself to see in which category I fall when I talk rather than judging others. It may look silly but believe me , people are hurting (emotionally), annoying and even killing each others every day for such things.

Anyway, I'm writing here while Mr.Behi is enjoying his most favorite childhood story: TINTIN :).

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