Sunday, 3 June 2007

Sunset and the Sea

There is some thing that we enjoy the best about the area around our place in Tripoli. In the morning we enjoy the fresh breeze coming from the sea and also the view of the Mediterranean sea itself. In the evening, we get amazed by the most beautiful sunset. I feel like I can hug and take the blushing sun. As if the sun is going to rest behind the waving waters. She says goodbye by making a spectrum of all kind of colors as she goes down.

After the sunset, I like bright streets around "Green square" that are so alive and the beautiful reflection of city lights in the sea. We drive around and we love listening to our favorite musics while enjoying the scenes. I think it is very nice to be able to enjoy simple things and I also think life is just about these precious moments. I know after leaving Libya, I will be missing all these beauties but I will always keep all these nice feelings with me anywhere else. Any place that will become our next destination.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs B it's your friend cathy from Australia! Just wanted to say i found your new blog and it looks great. tripoli looks really beautiful and I hope you enjoy your time there.

Hiva said...

Behi joonam, I just remember our discussin with Mr Behi about all these traditioal music stuff. yadesh be kheir....booos