Saturday, 2 June 2007

Stay hungry-Stay foolish

I've just heard a very stunning speech by Steve Jobs at Stanford University. It's really exciting to see how someone could reach to this much of awareness. It's a great attitude to have and every body needs to think like this if he/she is caring enough about the quility of his/her life.
This is the only kind of appetite that just makes your mind big( thank God!). The more endless the feeling of hunger, the more will be the business of neurons. Isn't it wonderful? I absolutely think so and the feeling of foolishness is incredibly satisfying :).

Now, I am even more enjoying my Apple when I see such a powerful mind behind it ;).


sparkle said...

Mrs. Behi, I am happy to discover your blog in addition to the one you do with Mr. Behi. I am loving your observations of life in Libya. You shed light not just on Libya but on Iran as well.

BEHI said...

Thanks for the encouragement sparkle :)