Monday, 26 July 2010

Not for Granted

Well, it's been one month since my accident, and I've been able to move inside home with the help of a wheelchair and less often by my crutches since my other leg also had a little injury so it's not strong enough to bear my little steps. The pain is fading away day by day and I must be able to walk in two weeks. Except for the x-rays I've been staying at home most of the times trying to spend days as if I am in a vacation. And like always you start to appreciate something when you do not have it anymore. In my case loosing my freedom of mobility is going to last only for a short while but it's been warning me of the time that there will be no way to take back something that you lost for good and you had always taken that for granted.


Nava said...

You should share with us the books you read / movies you watched / websites you discovered :)
Hope you get well soon.

Behi said...

I've been in the laziest state that I could ever be! :)) Have little worth sharing ;)