Thursday, 21 January 2010

This is no cliché:

Feeling and not feeling cheerful both are easy and fast to experience. You always choose which one is your preference since you have your reasons for each.
That's scary and promising at the same time:
-You can stay with your reasons
-You can choose


Deep Blue Sea said...

Hi dear Behi.

Are you involved in some kind of psychiatry field ? I have been reading your posts nd know you do something related to neurology..

I am asking because I wanna know if you can tell me about OCD ..

Behi said...

Dear DBS,

My field is neuroscience, psychiatric disorders is part of this area but that does not mean I am in the place that I know all about every mental disorder. I know a little about OCD but the info in wiki, I think, can give you a good general view of the disorder.

Deep blue Sea said...

Dear Behi. Thank you for the link. I asked the prev question to confirm if you were in that field ?The actual question I wanted to ask was if it is safe to use drugs such as fluvoxine to treat OCD..I mean they have side effects and stuff.A doctor prescribed me this.I did ask him and his answer was a little ambiguous ? He said something like old days drugs had lot of side effects but now it is much improved.I scared to become dependent on this stuff..I am just trying get as many views and opinions .{like on forums and stuff} Just asked you because I remembered you were in the field ..
Thank you.

Behi said...

Dear DBS, it was an interesting coincident! I had to talk with a doctor specialized in this area right after your comment. I took the chance and asked him about your question. He said the drug is actually Fluvoxamine (Luvox). You may not be too concerned about its side effects as they're not the case seen in every individual but if you feel that you're having some side effects after starting it, a month later or so you would feel better and less of the side effects. Basically the drugs prescribed for OCD are all anti-stress drugs and this drug that you mentioned is a good one.

Hope you find this little info useful and things go just great for you :)