Friday, 5 December 2008


If a person changes in a way that gradually makes her/him be in peace with the inside and outside world, I'd say it's a right change. And if someone tells me s/he has not changed and feels good, is deeply satisfied and has a peaceful life, I'd say perhaps there has not been any kind of flaw that would make that person's life miserable so, no pain/no change.
Most of the people who are not truly feeling sparkles of joy in their hearts, I believe, are those who are fit in none of the above categories most of the time. They insist on what they think, say, believe and had been get used to since years ago. They are ready to point their fingers at whomever they think is eligible enough to take most of the responsibilities of that gloomy atmosphere. Parents, societies, spouses, relatives and friends are easy targets for that matter. They can be indeed to blame but at the end of the day it's us that can take the control of standing still, to move on and modify and well, this is not of those easy modifications. It requires a great commitment and cleverness.


Frieda said...

"It requires a great commitment and cleverness."
I agree with "commitment" but "cleverness"?!

It does require courage to acknowledge if someone wants to transform.

Just "changing", it will not get you that peace of mind. One must "transform" to a new platform, to a new perspective, so you can live life with purpose and grace.

but you are right, you DO need a great commitment to yourself to get there

Behi said...

Well, I absolutely agree with the courageousness and to be honest I think for each person depending on her/his experiences it might require no only commitment and courageousness but patience, awareness and whatever that could help him/her to move on and as you said transform to a better place but I think changing is the ultimate result and the fruit of that journey. If someone gets angry with people and circumstances very easily and that makes her/him sad most of the time so after turning to a patient person because of doing whatever that has helped her/him to become different from this side of view I would say s/he has changed and that's a beautiful change. And about cleverness in my idea the person needs some sort of creativity to find his/her way through the happier place that might work only for him/her and not for another so there is a need of being clever enough to find a right attitude and keep on the progress and if somebody else can help the person to find his/her way so the person has been smart enough to understand the need of someone else's help.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting distinction! I do agree with the classification you made; but sometimes, some people are not completely located in one of these groups. Even I myself have experienced being in different classes in different stages of my life…
Now, I put myself in the first group: ready for right changes; but I know there will be a time at which I will feel happy and satisfied without any changes!
Thank you Behi jan for such a thoughtful post!
Be happy.

Behi said...

Dear Parinaz,

I hope you enjoy standing or passing each stage of your life.

Wish you all the best of universe :)

Banafshe said...

Hey ...Behi I read your post you are a thinking woman in blogers . And of course it relaites to your difficult major in university:)...have a nice time behi jan