Saturday, 13 December 2008

I know...

These days I'm taking a break from exams and am more focusing on the project related works. I have this feeling that I should take a deep breath for the next diving which is going to be months of classes and frequent exams before I can talk about having a break again.
On my way from where I study, there is a constant review of what or how I've been doing since starting my program and I don't feel great when the review reaches its ending point which would be the time when I reach my destination.
I enjoy what I've been learning so far and to people around me and my works I've been doing just fine but I myself know well that I should be faster and smart to keep up the progress.
I've been unforgiving to my mistakes and I'm aware that I should not have.
In fact, I can give a perfectly fair lecture to myself on how friendly I should be with myself...I do that, I hear myself, I agree with me and I get back to mood of a teacher not long after and let me tell you she's not that friendly.


Anonymous said...

Behi jan,
It is great that you can bravely know your weak points and confess to them! I wish I could be like that, too. Because this way, you can be corrected before anybody dare to correct you...

Take your time and enjoy your break for now; I am sure you can start again with more energy and success.

Be happy.

Hiva said...

You are smart, hard working and passionate... kissssss

The Geologist said...

The first semester of returning to school is overwhelming. I'm pretty sure you'll keep up.

Behi said...

Dear Parinaz,

I try to see my weak points and meanwhile I can feel I've missed looking at some of them and have over-looked at some others, you see I have still works to do ;), and thanks for your kind words :)

Hiva joonam,

What can I say...Your words always make me happy and warm inside.
Thanks honey :)

Dear Geologist,

You're right, throwing away old habits and getting back to the student life atmosphere require time, I hope that would not last so long for me, Thanks for the comment.