Saturday, 24 May 2008

A one-year- old baby

Yesterday, this place got 1 year old. It was almost 2 months after our arrival to Libya that I started this blog. I made this room for some reasons and now I still keep coming to this place but not exactly for the same reasons, well sometimes for no specific reason I would say... I don't know for how long I would carry on with writing what comes across my mind "in here" but I'm certainly glad that I've done this so far :).
Thanks to my "not very much in number" readers.

To him who inspired me to start this blog in the first place.



Tameshk said...

Dearest Behi,
Happy Birthday to My Mind Room! You bet I am glad you still write on My Mind Room. You posts are very genuine and I love them!

There are not so many Iranians who have blogs in English; and I personally think it is important for Iranians to write in English; I started my blog just to practice writing in English, but perhaps like you, that prime purpose has changed now, I am not sure to what but to a something deeper than practicing a new language, as the means of communication.

So my best wishes are with you and my eyes are eager to see your new posts!


Behi said...

Roja joone azizam,

Thank you so much for the lovely comment, it made me so happy.

One of the major reasons for me to start this blog was improving my English which still is :)... And I definitely agree with you on the communication part.


Nava said...

Dear Behi,
Congratulation on your mind room's birthday. I'm glad you decided to create this room and hope you continue writing in it, as I really like your writings. There is a sense of honesty with yourself and life, as well as a simplicity which is not naive, but very smart and seeking and thoughtful.

Looking forward to reading more from you, and may your baby become 120 !!! :)

Behi said...

Nava jan, your kind words made me blush, thanks A Lot for your sweet comment :).

Be happy

jeerjeerak said...

Happy birthday to your blog. I'me glad i found your Room, and hope you keep posting for very long cause i like your writings! and did i ever tell you, i also like your favorite songs list here too? :)

Behi said...

Jeerjeerake aziz,thank you so much for coming and writing in here, it always makes me happy :),

Hiva said...

Happy Birthday , and keep writting for ever honey, kiiiiiiiiiis

Behi said...

Thanks a million Hiva jooni :)

arthemis said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and hope that you will continue for a long, long time. It is genuine and refreshing and also profound and it reflects many human qualities.

So here's to you, Behi-jan!

Behi said...

Dear Arthemis, you think really high of the things that I bring in here...I hope they deserve what you think of them. Thank you so much and cheers to YOU!