Tuesday, 27 May 2008

I am different, am I?!

When I look through really good I can see THAT is going to happen or maybe it started already without me realizing.
I knew people whom every time I talked to I had this feeling that I should see the world via their eyes to make the conversation happen or go on, otherwise that talk could end quickly as they were enormously engaged with one unique subject which seemed more interesting, important or urgent to them than any other matters.
They were indeed all important subjects like the fact that she was getting married or she had this issue with her boy friend or the subject was about education or the new job or the old job and many times they meant so much to them that I could feel they were presenting themselves and identifying others with.
I think the concept is kind of like shopping for a specific item, like for buying shoes you pay attention to shoe stores more when you enter a mall especially if you're really in need to wear one since you don't have any, and you are overwhelmed by the shoes till the business is done.

The thing is that I promised myself to never be one of those who only could talk about their "important job" or their "worthy major" and guess what? I'm turning to one! Every time that I wanted to come here and write about something, it was all about "the things that I should do and learn". It's not that I'm "only" studying these days but I'm mostly thinking about it and there is no space left to think about other things... seems that breaking that promise is already happening.

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