Friday, 2 November 2007

Sweet Home

In less than 2 days we're going home. Last time, before leaving Iran, I was trying to put the matter of "leaving" in a helpful perspective and manage my emotions. Later while leaving, I realized that passing time was needed to cope in addition to that perspective. I feel, being apart from loved ones; the ones who had a big role in being whoever we are, is not easy. It's like leaving behind an important part of our history and our own selves. Every single member of the family is like a piece of our overall image. Lacking for any of them can make this image imperfect which is extremely hurtful but it's painfully and fortunately possible to get used to see that partial picture.

Anyway, I hope to make the most of staying with our families, being happy and appreciative of having them in each moment of our stay. I cannot wait to see every one especially my parents. Life is too short and 20 days is actually nothing :).

This picture is taken from the road near my hometown

Picture by Mr.Behi


human being said...

Welcome back home, sweet Behi.
Wish you a marvellous stay here.

You have the mind of an engineer most of the time.
And because of that post on the behavior of the lovely molecules, i thought you are a Chem. Eng. or something like that. :D

human being said...

By the way, i'm happy you liked wrestling with that koan!
Another sign of an engineer mind?
What are you, anyway?
A dentist?

BEHI said...

Dear human being I studied Pure Chemistry and not chemical engineering.
And thanks for coming in here and the nice words.


Hiva said...

Khosh bashid behi joooonam

Frieda said...

safe trip :-))