Wednesday, 14 November 2007

In Iran/Bed

It’s been 11 days since our arrival to Iran and almost fourth day of staying in my hometown with my parents. After landing we went straight toward my in laws and stayed with them mostly, had a quick visit of others and some places. Meanwhile I felt my allergy was getting to start. Every time we went to streets my lung had difficulty of tolerating the polluted weather. It was like breathing a heavy weather with a little amount of oxygen in it. I had this problem before in Tehran and different types of medical sprays could make my breathing easier but it seemed more difficult to adopt this time. Maybe after getting used to such a clean air in Tripoli, my lung got a little spoiled.

I arrived to my parents place with a cold that was about to start and it got worse gradually and now I’m here while my mother has been nursing me all these days and now I feel better somehow. It was the last thing that I wanted; laying down, opening eyes and mouth just for the pills, sleeping, waking up again for the pills and sleeping again with constant coughing in the background! They were all the actions that I took during the last 3 days.

Hope to write a healthier post next time.


Hiva said...

Beho joonam get well soon honey.

Don Cox said...

Sorry to hear you have been ill. Tehran seems to be one of the most polluted cities, along with Mexico city. Get well soon.

Abadany dar Holland said...

Get well soon!

human being said...

What a pity!
I hope you get well soon, being able to enjoy your stay and your adventures and write for your friends about them.
Illnesses have got something to tell us , too.

Ali Dalir said...

Hope you get better soon. How is Iran and Behi?

human being said...

Dearest Behi,
How are you doing?
Don't you think your friends are getting impatient?

Just let us know about your health.
whish you the best.

human being said...

Sorry: wish you the best!