Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Easy to wish!

The butcher's that we go every now and then, is the place where I wish we were vegetarians.

A polite butcher + A hanging head of a really big cow or maybe a buffalo (?) with the biggest eyes ever + Peeled body of a white rabbit + A peeled sheep (We're used to see this one though)+ A hanging head of a camel with the tallest eyelashes that I've ever seen are the main things that catch our eyes every time.

I cook the meat that we take from the collection of dead chickens and beeves. We go there again and I say I wish we were vegetarians.

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human being said...

A beautiful picture of the ever-existing paraox of life.
Loved that. But dear friend, you've got free will! If you cannot convince yourself, you can choose another option, can't you?

human being said...

sorry: paradox

BEHI said...

I cannot convince myself to become vegetarian. Actually,this is the hard option :D.

Frieda said...

so cute...you are like my son!
my son, 11 yrs old, says the same thing. I have to convince him that the cow or the chicken die first before we eat them! other wise he wont eat his dinner...