Saturday, 28 July 2007


One of the new experiences that I've had during the last one year, is meeting people with different accents of English. American and English were one of the kinds that I was familiar with since they are actually the source of this language so naturally I knew what was this language all about from them although I can recall that sometimes in England during our one month stay, I had several funny memories of times that I met people who were talking faster or with a completely different style of the way I used to hear but I could survive by the end with the famous expressions of "sorry?" or "pardon me" etc.

Last night we had our first guest here in our new place and after 3-4 hours of having conversation I think I can recognize Brazilian or Portuguese with the way they speak in English. That's kind of sweet especially when they intend to pronounce more "ch" in words that have "t".

Among all other accents such as South African, Australian and Arabic ( when they speak in English)... I've considered somehow difficult to understand Indian. Every time I go to my English class I have a little talk with a very nice Indian lady. The first time that I met her I decided to be relax to ask her to repeat her words one more time in case of not getting her, before when I was in such a situation, I intended to give a big smile and to move my head very slightly. While smiling I felt a certain measure of stupidity about myself.
The beginning of our talk went pretty well, I was listening to her very carefully and the topic was not complicated then she asked some thing and I couldn't understand what she just said so I asked her to say that again, she repeated her words for the second time and still I had no idea what she was talking about... I said: I'm really sorry but I didn't get you. She said again and this time I felt relieved as I finally found out and had something to say other than "sorry" to her. Then she said something else and again I had a feeling of listening to any language but English. This time I just felt too embarrassed to dare asking her, so I covered myself with one of my famous smiles while moving my head as a sign of approval and felt one hundred percent stupid at the time!

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