Saturday, 7 August 2010


A restless mind is a mind that does not let you think the job is done or close to be done. Doesn't let you feel settled, it's always in search, sometimes of something not so clear but I call it passion when it's clear and not totally blind. Now that I think, I've been thirsty to see that passion in people as long as I can remember, a passionate love between two lovers, a passionate friendship, a passionate work and you know what? I feel excited for what I can see, it's like a a permission to fantasize about life that has a potential to get so ordinary a lot.
All these passions can last if you want them to last, otherwise they become part of your past that no longer their traces exist in your present. A painter cannot be novel if he does not have that passion, so a scientist.
Science cannot be looked as a job, you cannot have that great wish to find, to reach if you haven't been heartily in search. Science is nothing but constant search. I've always been looking for that sense of excitement in scholars whether I was studying in Tehran or here in Rotterdam and I've had higher expectation in here... higher hopes to see professors with passions and not with jobs. Science is certainly not a job.

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Hiva said...

very well written sweetheart :D